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                  Company Work (2022-Present)

                 I have worked with a plethora of companies as a freelance editor, 
                 creating training video, assisting on ongoing projects as well as 
                 completing deliverables for social media accounts. The current
                 companies I am actively working with include Sumdog Ltd and Bloc   
                 Collective. I have also recently began working with Studio Something, 
                 particularly on their BBC World Cup Intro video.  I have also worked 
                 as an animator and video editor for  St. Andrews Aquarium and as
                 an assistant editor for the BBC; the work completed for both 
                 companies can be found below.              


Qatar World Cup Intro (2022)
Director - Andrei Staruiala
Runtime - <1 Minute

I recently had the pleasure to work with Studio Something on
the BBC Intro video for the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a Rotoscope Artist.
This involved painstakingly masking and cutting out clips from famous football 
moments throughout the years which Andrei assembled into a beautiful and 
mind-bending sequence. It was a great experience working with the team at
Studio Something and a unique opportunity to work on a project that
would be seen by so many people across the country and world.


How To: Sumdog (2022)
Director - Jessica Coslett
Runtime - Various

Over the course of several months I worked with Sumdog, an Edinburgh based
online educational platform, to create a series of tutorial videos for teachers
and students to navigate the website and games. This included using After Effects
for motion graphics and titles, as well as creating various thumbnails based on
art of the Sumdog mascot. Due to the work being for users of the platform,
 I am unable to provide examples on my website however links can
 be provided on request.

Fort Tom (2021)
Director - Arthur Johnson
Runtime - 12 Minutes

Fort Tom is one of the three films I edited for my final year of university.
This was my third collaboration as Editor with Arthur Johnson and our most
ambitious project to date. The film follows Tom, a young boy who fakes
his own kidnapping and hides in a self made fort in his attic in order to
make his busy famous parents appreciate him. The editing is a mix of
fast paced montage and slow sombre to convey the range of emotions
Tom experiences throughout the film.
Password: BowlsandEars


The Hollow Men (2021)
Director - Daniel Bingham
Runtime - 15 Minutes

 The Hollow Men is another of the three films I edited for my final year.
I had worked with Daniel Bingham before as a writer and director but
 this was the first project I had worked with him as an Editor.
The film follows a worn and weary hitman as he tracks down his latest
target and comes to terms with his life choices.

 The film is currently unreleased but will soon be put into consideration
for multiple film festivals.

The House of Culture (2021)
Director - Becky Mikóva
Runtime - 12 Minutes

The House of Culture is the second documentary I have edited and was
also another of the three films I edited for my final year at University. 
The film is a very personal story about the director's (Becky Mikóva) 
grandmother and her time working at the House of Culture, a cultural 
safe-haven in Slovakia during the Soviet Union. The film uses a mix of 
mediums from recreation, animation and cut-out stop motion. The crew 
planned a visit to Slovakia in late 2021 and have capture extra footage
 of the building and Becky's grandmother. The film is currently unreleased
but will soon be put into consideration for multiple film festivals.

Haggis (2020)
Director - Victoria Brown
Runtime - 9 Minutes

This short film was aired on Burn's Night 2021 on BBC Scotland.
Initially only brought into the project to see the process of editing
a short for television, my added input to the project earned me an
actual position an assistant editor to Richard Vint 
and the director Vickie Brown.

 Password: HGS_297_VWF​​​​​​​


Aquarium COVID Animation (2020)
 Animation/Editing: Harris Redpath
 Runtime - 2 Minutes

I was contacted and commissioned by St. Andrews Aquarium to create
COVID safety information video for its reopening. The short video was
animated, edited and produced by myself using Adobe Illustrator and   
After Effects. The video is still used on the aquariums website and
viewed by the sites many daily visitors.


The Mad Piper (2019)
Director - Steffan Kirkpatrick
Runtime - 15 Minutes

This short documentary was my first proper work in Animation
 and After Effects. The film chronicles the life and story of David
 Kirkpatrick, a piper during World War 2 and the legacy he left 
behind. I completed all the editing and animation myself during
 my second year of University.


Mark at The Supermarket (2019)
Director - Arthur Johnson
Runtime - 11 Minutes


Presents (2019)
Director - David Pavlis
Runtime - 10 Minutes

The Kid (2019)
Director - Arthur Johnson
Runtime - 5 Minutes

Projections (2019)
Director - Francis Fitzgerald
Runtime - 8 Minutes

Ryan Walls: Creative Drive (2018)
Director - Taylor Norris
 Runtime - 5 Minutes

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